The 2014 Hiscox Online Art Report

New research released in April 2014 by specialist insurer Hiscox reveals the increasing confidence with which today’s art buyers are approaching online art platforms.   Click-and-buy – which means online art buying platforms with an online presence only, rather than a physical space – is becoming an increasingly trusted channel for buying art, with as many as 40% of those surveyed having bought art and collectibles in this way.

The Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2014 estimates the value of the online art market in 2013 to be around $1.57 billion and anticipates it will rise to $3.76 billion in 2018 – highlighting the opportunity for growth.  Based on these figures, online art buying accounts for 2.4% of the estimated value of the global art market, which in 2013 was $65 billlion.

Read and download the full report below: