Images appear rotated after upload

You may notice that images taken with a mobile phone camera appear rotated after being uploaded on the website.

Here is an example:

The first image is rotated while the second is displayed properly. 

The issue is with the orientation sensor of the phone. Some sensors do not fully switch when we rotate our phone and so it records wrong information on the metadata of the image (exif).

Below are screenshots of these two images in original and fixed format:

EXIF of a rotated image


Next is the fixed image:


To fix this you can use IrfanView on a PC and the default Preview software on a Mac. Here is how:

IrfanView: load the image, press either L or R to rotate the image, save.

Preview: load the image, press Command + L or Command + R to rotate the image, then save.


NOTE: Filenames of images in the first screenshot should be changed to indicate the name of artist and artwork. This will make the image discoverable on popular search engines.

e.g. Run-for-the-shadows-Luke-Walker.jpg


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