The website does not accept my images for upload

We have tight security measures in place for file uploads. Please respect the file formats when uploading images. All artwork images must be either jpg, jpeg, gif or png format. Sometimes images have the right extension (e.g. image.jpg) but not the correct image format. Please use popular sofware packages to resave the images and then try again.

Common issues:

- single or double quotes in filenames

- special characters in file names


Test your upload with this sample image:

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is something we all benefit from when searching for anything online.

Artellite conducted a piece of research as part of their R & D project into how we as artists, galleries and arts organisations can get to grips with understanding and using best practice when creating content online.

Please visit the folowing link to learn more and read our Best Practice Guide:

or download the guide below:

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