How will I get paid after a sale?

Artellite pays the owner of the website to whom the artwork has been assigned.

You will be paid by Bank Transfer into your account using the details you gave when you signed up for your account.

Subject to the artwork having been delivered to the client and their 14 day right to return period having passed, you will be paid on or around the 15th of the month after the 14 days has elapsed, Artellite pays Artwork price  (net of Artellite commission + VAT) + Shipping.

How much does Artellite cost Artists?

Gallery Affiliated Sales:

Artellite does not charge a commission on sales of artwork that are affiliated with an Artellite Gallery member. You will have reached an individual agreement with your gallery on the commission you will be charged by them.

Artellite Website Artists:

If you have setup an Artellite website of your own using one of our templates, Artellite charges a 20% + VAT commission on artwork sales.

You will also be billed £9.99 per month.

Bespoke Website Design:

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